ENG 331 Group 7’s Final Project


Typical Blackberry Used

The business world has probably taken the most noticeable change due to cell phones. It is not uncommon to see individuals in suits wielding a Blackberry checking their e-mail or other messages. The constant connection between the individual and their offices has significantly increased response time for clients and other time sensitive business transactions. No longer will individuals have to stay at their office awaiting a phone call for fear of missing out on a big client. Efficiency and freedom has been introduced with the use of cell phones in the business world.

Interestingly, mobile phone use has been very crucial for black markets and underground networks. In China and other parts of Southeast Asia, the most expensive mobiles are owned by prostitutes. They use these devices for work and other networking functions while still displaying a status of wealth. The prostitutes and dancers have found that these devices allow more direct contact with clients and potential customers.

Cell phones have also introduced interesting new business fronts that would otherwise not be possible. For example, new applications for the Apple iPhone allow users completely new software. Nokia’s music store allows music on an individuals device anywhere. Also, new text messaging services like ChaCha allow users to text questions or searches to another party that will respond with the answer.

Beyond simple productivity enhancements created by cell phones, new markets have also been created for the cell phone. Thus, offering millions of new jobs, flowing money through the economy, and general advances in technology. Below is a chart listing some companies that have a large hand in the mobile industry just to get an idea of how big this market really is. 


Furthermore, first hand experience and opinions can be taken from the VP Interview.


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