ENG 331 Group 7’s Final Project


This section and its sub-pages will discuss the impact of cell phones on society throughout the entire world.

Motorolas Razr

Motorola's Razr

Cell phone use has a profound impact on all societies and all social aspects of communication. The degree of its impact grows as the popularity and usage of cell phones grow. Cellular technology has allowed individuals to communicate faster than ever. Contacting a person is just a few button clicks away. An internet webpage is just a few more. The entire paradigm shift of “always connected” has changed the information world substantially and will continue to do so.

“In the developing world, mobile phones have revolutionized telecommunication and have reached an estimated average 49.5 per cent penetration rate at the end of 2008 – from close to zero only ten years ago.” -ICT Development Index 2009

“It allows the other-directed person life to live in a world of multiple connections and relationships which may also be rather looser and more transient than the fewer, stronger bonds maintained by more tradition-directed or inner-directed individuals” -Dr Sadie Plant

In this discussion, cities like Tokyo, London, and Hong Kong will be used as examples of how cell phones have influenced our society.

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