ENG 331 Group 7’s Final Project

High Schooler

Willa Tsokanis is a high school sophmore at Albany High School in New York. We conducted our interview over the phone.

We Aren’t French: When did you get your first cell phone?

Willa Tsokanis: When I was 14

WAF: What kind was it and what could it do?

WT: A crappy samsung thing. It just had stuff that came with the service, texting, calling. It had a camera but it was a terrible camera. I never used it.

WAF: What is your current phone and what can it do?

WT: After I broke all those samsungs, my dad got me a RAZR, cause I guess they’re more durable or something. It can text, call, has a camera, and use the internet

WAF: Do you use the internet much?

WT: Yeah pretty frequently like when I don’t have the internet or something. I try not to use it too much because I know I’ll get addicted or something.

WAF: Are people allowed to use phones in class?

WT: Here’s what I think of the policy. The policy is that people aren’t supposed to use their phones. But teachers didn’t really care unless you were texting in class. But now I guess someone higher up didn’t get the message that no one cares and they started cracking down and it’s really annoying so no, we aren’t really allowed to use them anymore except for the cool teachers.

WAF: Do you have to have them off just during classes? Can you use them inbetween class?

WT: You have to have them off and away all the time. The policy is if the teacher sees the phone they have to take it.

WAF: Even at lunch you can’t use them?

WT: Even at lunch we aren’t supposed to have them.

WAF: Do you text anyway?

WT: Um, only when my parents text, which is way more then you’d ever expect. But just to answer them. I don’t really answer when other people text cause it’s a pain. It’s like “What do you want me to do, I’m sitting in class trying to focus on something and hide my phone at the same time” I can’t have a conversation in that circumstance.

WAF: How many different friends do you text with per a day?

WT:I don’t have a word feature on my phone so I type really slowly, so usually 1 or 2. But I’ve been up to 3 or 4, but that’s a pain so I try not to do it.

WAF: When you make a new friend, how soon do you get their number? How soon do you start texting them?

WT: I don’t know. I just kinda put my number in their phone. I don’t really know when I can start texting them, I just do. If they tell me not to text them then I stop. A lot of people I know have an unlimited texting plan, I don’t know if I’m drawn to those people or if it’s just a random happendstance.


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